♦ for Plenary Speakers

Location and Presentation Time:
Location: Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University
Date and Time: September 29 (Fri), 2017
Plenary Session 1 14:40-15:40 (60 minutes including discussion)
Plenary Session 2 16:00-17:00 (60 minutes including discussion)

♦ for Invited Speakers and Oral Speakers

Location and Presentation Time:
Location: IB Building, ES Building and Noyori Conference Hall
Date and Time: Please confirm the session date and room of your presentation in the program pages. Presentation time for an invited speaker is 30 minutes (including 5 min discussion) and that for an oral speaker is 15 minutes (including 3 min discussion).

Speaker ready room is not prepared. Please bring your PC for the presentation. If you use the connector cable other than D-Sub mini 15 pin VGA, please bring your own connector cable. If it is not convenient for you, please contact the session-organizer or any staff on the registration desk. A speaker is requested to come to the session room at least 10 minutes before the presentation.

♦ for Poster Presenters

Location and Presentation Time:
Poster sessions will be held on Level 1 in the IB Building, ES Building and Noyori Conference Hall.
To display your poster, please find the board marked with your presentation number. Please confirm your presentation number and session in the program pages. Posters will be on display during the display time. Materials to attach the poster to the poster board will be provided.
The poster presentation schedule is as follows:
DateLocationSessionPreparationPresentationDetaching poster
Sep. 30 (Sat)IB BuildingS3, S5(Network Systems)9:30-10:30-11:30-13:30
Sep. 30 (Sat)IB BuildingS1, S4, S5(Energy Conversion and Network Systems), S6, Nitride14:00-16:00-17:00-17:30
Sep. 30 (Sat)ES BuildingiLIM-210:00-15:45-17:00-17:30
Sep. 30 (Sat)
Oct. 1 (Sun)
Noyori Conference HallS2, Ultra-High Voltage Electron MicroscopySep. 30 8:30-Sep. 30 9:00 - Oct. 1 12:00- Oct. 1 12:30

During the presentation time, a poster presenter is requested to stay in front of the poster for the discussion with the audience.

Style Suggestions:
(a) The recommended poster size is A0: 84 cm (wide) x 119 cm (height).
(b) Place the title of your presentation at the top of your poster to allow the viewers to identify your presentation easily. The authors' names should be listed.
(c) Use large fonts for good readability at a distance of about 2 m. The minimum font size should be 24.
(d) Highlight the main results and conclusions clearly.
(e) Use large graphics with thick lines and large markers (dots). Please make sure that the axis labels are clearly visible, legible and intelligible.


Among the oral and poster presentations, the best presentation prize will be awarded to the outstanding presenters under the age of thirty years old. Awarding ceremony will be held in the Closing Ceremony of the symposium on Oct.1, 2017.