in conjunction with
New Possibilities for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy
-In Commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of the HVEM Laboratory at Nagoya University-

2nd International Symposium on Creation of Life Innovation Materials
for Interdisciplinary and International Researcher Development (iLIM-2)
International Symposium of Growth, Characterization, and Simulation of Nitride Semiconductors

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

** What's New **
2017/06/08 Website for extended abstract PDF file upload is opend.
2017/06/02 Information of extended abstract submission is updated.
2017/05/16 Online registration website is opend.
** All the contributors are required to register by July 15, 2017.
2017/04/17 Deadline of abstract submission has been postponed to May 1, 2017.
2017/03/16 Hotel reservation website is opened. (Deadline: Sep. 10, 2017)
2017/02/02 Abstract submission website is opened. (Deadline: May 1, 2017)
2016/12/01 Call for papers is updated.
2016/11/09 Call for papers is ready for download in PDF format.

Organized by
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Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University

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Yashima Environment Technology Foundation,
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The Heat Transfer Society of Japan,
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Tokai Branch,
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