November 4-6, 2021
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
(It will be held online this time.)

** What's New **
2021/09/15 Conference program is updated.
2021/09/02 Online registration website is opend.
2021/08/24 Deadline of Early Registration has been postponed to September 30, 2021.
2021/07/07 Extended abstract submission website is opened (now closed).
2021/07/03 Information of extended abstract submission is updated.
2021/06/09 Deadline of abstract submission has been postponed to June 15, 2021.
2021/05/18 Call for papers is ready for download in PDF format.
2021/05/11 Abstract submission website is opened (now closed).
2021/04/01 We launched the website for this conference.

Organized by
Organizing committee of ICMaSS2021, Nagoya University
Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University

Supported by
Research Foundation for the Electrotechnology of Chubu, Japan

Cooperated by
The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
The Japanese Association for Crystal Growth, Japan
IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Nagoya Section, Japan
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, Japan
Combustion Society of Japan
(in no particular order)

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