Located in the geometrically central district of Japan, Nagoya City is world-famous for various industries of advanced ceramics, aerospace, automobiles etc., and also known for its historical sites such as gThree Great Shogunsh and beautiful castles. The conference attendants can fully enjoy historical sites, museums and downtown before and/or after the ICMaSS2023. The information will be available at the conference desk. The climate in the Nagoya area in December is characterized by average temperatures ranging from +4 oC (39 oF) to +12 oC (54 oF) with some possibility of rain.


The official language of the conference is English.


The conference will be held in three sites, Integrated Building, ES building, and Ohkuma Hall of Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus). Nagoya University can be easily accessed from the Central Japan International Airport gCentrairh by train (Meitetsu Line, Central Japan International Airport - Kanayama, about 25 min) and subway (Meijo Line, Kanayama - Nagoya Daigaku, about 20 min). For the campus map, refer to:

[Map of Japan]

[Transportation Map in Nagoya]

[Campus Map]

[Integrated Building (IB)]

[Engineering and Science Building (ES)]

[Emergent/Innovative Engineering Building (EI)]

[Noyori Conference Hall]